• Angela Fraleigh: With Ready Eyes X

    Angela Fraleigh: With Ready Eyes

    May 23 - August 3, 2024

    About the Exhibition:

    Angela Fraleigh’s paintings explore the rich history of academic and avant-garde art, focusing on themes of gender, sexuality, femininity, and power dynamics. Her work intertwines realism and abstraction to create lush, complex pieces ranging from intimate portraits to monumental figure paintings that reimagine women’s roles in art history, literature, and contemporary media.

    Fraleigh’s work challenges viewers to reconsider the passive roles of female characters in art history. “What if the female characters we’ve come to know from art history – the lounging odalisques, the chorus that whispers in the background – present more than a voyeuristic visual feast? What if these characters embody a flickering of female power at work? Can we see these passive characters as subversive and powerful? And if we do, how might if affect women today and of the future?” – Angela Fraleigh

    About the Artist:

    Born in 1976 in Beaufort, SC, Fraleigh earned her MFA from Yale University and her BFA from Boston University. Her solo exhibitions have appeared in Hirschl & Adler Modern, PPOW Gallery in New York, Inman Gallery in Houston, Peters Projects in Santa Fe, and James Harris Gallery in Seattle. She has also created site-specific projects for the Edwards Hopper House Museum, the Vanderbilt Mansion Museum, and the Everson Museum of Art, among others. Fraleigh currently lives and works in New York, NY, and Allentown, PA, where she is a Professor at Moravian University.

    On view May 23 – August 3, 2024

  • The River is the Road: Paintings by George Rodrigue X

    The River is the Road: Paintings by George Rodrigue

    May 23 - October 19, 2024

    About the artist: Born and raised in New Iberia, Louisiana, George Rodrigue (1944-2013) received his formal training at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now UL Lafayette) followed by the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California. Unlike his classmates, he risked returning home, bravely choosing Louisiana over California and New York to pursue a career in painting. The year was 1969, and Rodrigue felt compelled, he said, “to graphically interpret the Cajun culture,” something the young artist recognized as disappearing in the modern world. His keen observation regarding his heritage, as well as the landscape of Southwest Louisiana, led Rodrigue on an extraordinary artistic and personal journey over the next 45 years. Furthermore, his simple, heartfelt decision to return home to Louisiana ultimately catapulted him to world-renowned status.

    Rodrigue noted in his book, The Cajuns of George Rodrigue (1976, Oxmoor House), that when the Cajuns arrived from Canada following Le Grand Dérangement in 1755, “The waterways of Louisiana were the highways. We had no roads; we just had the water. They were the natural fairways for commerce, development, and everything necessary for settlers to expand.”

    In Rodrigue’s paintings, the roads and rivers blend as one, and are one and the same. Rejecting the spacious sky of traditional European-style paintings, he pushes a large oak to the front of his canvas, cropping the top of the tree so that the light shines in the distance and is small beneath the branches. In hundreds of his paintings, it is a river or road that invites the viewer into Rodrigue’s imaginary world, one that feels like Louisiana, and onto a painted path that leads to a symbolic, hopeful light.

    When the Blue Dog enters Rodrigue’s world, his paintings become increasingly more colorful, reflecting changes in his life and outlook. Unlike the black bayous of his Cajun paintings, Rodrigue’s Blue Dog interpretations are surreal in both design and color. Oftentimes the rivers are blue, red, yellow, and abstracted, blending and swirling almost indiscernibly with the land and sky. Ultimately, paintings from the last year of Rodrigue’s life, as featured in this exhibition, ponder his life’s journey as never before, borrowing from the symbolism of his early paintings and the optimism of his later ones. In these intensely personal expressions, Rodrigue once again invites us into his world with a river, this time contemplating not only his life’s journey and artistic legacy, but also, with hope and curiosity, the next part of his adventure.

    This exhibition was organized by the Life & Legacy Foundation and Art Tour with Wendy Rodrigue

    The museum will also be auctioning a SIGNED and framed George Rodrigue Blue Dog screen-print. This work will be on display at the exhibition and will be sold via an online silent auction. For information on when this auction will open, please sign up for our newsletter at


    He Stopped Loving Her Today (2013)

    Acrylic on canvas

    Collection Wendy Rodrigue


    On view May 23 – October 19, 2024

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