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the Permanent Collection

The Masur Museum of Art’s permanent collection numbers approximately 500 works of art and is largely comprised of masterpieces by regional artists, minor works by more broadly known artists, and, more recently, entire series or bodies of work commissioned from individual artists. As a whole, these categories provide context for one another as they relate to artistic and historic trends in the American South and beyond.

Our collection includes work by Ron Adams, Kathy Amman, John James Audubon, Leonard Baskin, Lynda Benglis, Thomas Hart Benton, Robin Bernat, Rick Brunner, Richard Buswell, Mary Cassatt, Marc Chagall, Joshua Chambers, Clyde Connell, Samuel Corso, Dean Dablow, Salvador Dali, Shayne Dark, Bruce Davidson, Alexander Drysdale, Jenny Ellerbe, Michael Elliott-Smith, Frank Hamrick, Albino Hinojosa, Jim Isermann, Peter Jones, Ida Kohlmeyer, Inukai Kyohie, Eugene Martin, Joan Miro,  Robert Motherwell, Greely Myatt, Betty Waldo Parish, Ed Pinkston, Fairfield Porter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Alberto Rey, Auguste Rodin, George Rodrigue, Georges Rouault, Vitus Shell, Ann Shields, Raphael Soyer, Julian Stanczak, Cliff Tresner, Bill Viola, Bob Ward, Douglas Weathersby, and others.

*Click on an image below for a larger view. This is a small selection of the more than 500 works in our permanent collection. For inquiries about the collection, please email us at



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Loren Shwerd

November 26, 2022 –
February 4, 2023

Joey Slaughter

August 25, 2022 –
November 5, 2022

William Dunlap

May 26, 2022 –
August 6, 2022
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