Finally Complaining

Eugene Martin was born in Washington D.C. in 1938 where he spent most of his life and married his wife, Suzanne Fredericq in 1988. He moved with Fredericq to Lafayette, Louisiana in 1996. Untitled, 1992 features several collaged elements. The collaged additions include a small, undated mixed media drawing from the 1960s on the right, a larger signed and dated mixed media drawing from 1983 dominates the center, covering most of a drawing from 1994, and off to the left is a photograph of Flemish Glory, an acrylic painting on canvas, that was added in 1995. These three works of art seem to disrupt the 1992 composition while still effectively interacting with it. The manner in which the individuals form a whole is akin to improvised notes in a jazz composition. Martin’s abstractions are meant to resemble images viewers can relate to, but in most cases his own personal narrative is nearly incomprehensible.

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