1. Inspiration

    Prussian-born Käthe Kollwitz developed an aesthetic vision centered around the plights of workers and peasants, and especially women of the working class. In an art world dominated by men, Kollwitz was excluded from the Academy and educated instead at a Berlin art school for women. Here, she studied the prints and writings of Max Klinger….

  2. Femme Nue Assise (Seated Nude)

    The French Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir created thousands of paintings, drawings, and prints over the course of his life. One of his favorite subjects, as seen in this lithograph, was the female form. Femme Nue Assise, done in 1906, is one of Renoir’s etchings displaying a soft female nude with a barely suggested background. The female…

  3. Sara Smiling

    Mary Cassatt was the only American to exhibit with the Impressionists. She was invited to show with the group by Edgar Degas, who would remain her close friend. Cassatt is best known for her images of women. Although she was never a mother herself, she frequently painted mothers tending to their children. This image of…