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The Monroe Regional Airport, the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council, and the Masur Museum of Art  proudly present:

Phillip Michael LeBlanc

Temporal Nexus: An Office Portrait Series Experience

On view at the Monroe Regional Airport through February 2022

Public Reception: Thursday, September 30, 5:30 – 7:30 with

Artist’s talk by Phillip Michael LeBlanc at 6:00 pm

Masks are REQUIRED 

Parking in short-term parking will be validated if parked over an hour (under an hour is no charge)

Artist’s Statement:


The origin of this series is painfully on the nose. One day while in my office, I noticed that the large set of windows, which acted as one of my connections to the outside world while working at my desk, were also beautiful light diffusers. Anyone that visited me were basked in a wonderfully flattering light, catnip to any photographer worth their salt. So, naturally, I began photographing any and everyone that came to my office. When the light was right, magic ensued. 


Upon deeper contemplation, I found the series to be more than just a photography exercise. It became a way for me to experience a myriad of fellow souls also traversing this mortal coil. Many with views similar to mine, and some who have challenged said views. The series became a network of individuals who, if only for a short time, added to the mosaic of my life in one way or another. Each portrait session yields a document of our time together, but also all of the stories, advice, and even quasi therapy sessions!


Further, Temporal Nexus: An Office Portrait Series Experience, is a series born from a love of light, portraiture, and people with all their varying expressions. In a time when most of our gazes are directed towards digital screens, this series is an attempt at redirecting our attention back to the human face. With hopes and intentions of ultimately sparking human interaction and conversation. 


I hope you enjoy viewing this work as much as I have enjoyed meeting and creating the portraits of the people showcased within.

There are many more portraits in the series that can be seen on the Office Portraits Instagram account: /hashtagofficeportraits or scan here:

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A warm thank you to the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council for sponsoring this exhibition!

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